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I love game jams! You get to work with a tight deadline and a small team to accomplish a goal, whether it's trying something new or honing well developed skills, they're great for professional growth.

Crab Soccer was made during Global Game Jam 2015 with Alex Vostrov of Rocket Bear Games! It's a two player competitive game using 2D IK physics. I recommend using two gamepads. The joysticks control the leg's movement and the bumpers add extra control for rotation and jetting

Gateway Shuffle is a small game I worked on with Jack Shirai with for the Space Cowboy Jam. It's about someone who's lost everything and either gets back on their feet or drinks themselves into oblivion. You can download it as a part of Jack's Terminal Future EP which has two of his other games.

sklerp was made at Global Game Jam 2014! The idea was to make a very simple, polished puzzle game. The idea is to get a coloured circle with a letter on it to overlap a goal circle. The movement is started and stopped by pressing the key on the circles.

Hook Up! Is an anglerfish dating simulator made in the Ren'Py engine! It was made at Orcajam 4 in beautiful Victoria, BC by a three person team. For two of them, it was their first game development experience!

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